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WICI Offers Career-Enhancing Web Designing Courses

The Web Info Computer Institute (WICI) is offering advanced learning programs in web designing. The Delhi-based academy specializes in digital marketing and web development education, designing being an integral part of their offerings. WICI is established and managed by a team of expert industry professionals, who focus in providing practice-oriented training to the scholars.

The institute’s web designing program aims at imparting advanced know how of crediting and using layouts plus graphics. While anybody can pursue this course after completing 10+2 education, it best suits the people with a creative bent of mind. A web designer basically has to learn all about the visual designing, visual arts and color theory as well. Hence a flair for creativity and artistic approach is a must

Career Opportunities

In this era of IT boom, web designing niche has got immense opportunities in India. Every company today needs to have its own website and thus the requirement of well-qualified and skilled web designers is basic. Those mastering the skills in arena can be easily absorbed in many different sectors like advertising, audio/visual media, publishing, libraries, software companies, designing studios, marketing firms and educational institutes.

Additionally, the manufacturing and printing industry has also got a lot of scope for web designers. Among all the above mentioned fields, the software companies are on the hottest recruiters for web designers.

Freelance Web Designing Profession

Apart from the regular jobs, web designers can also take up a freelancing profession, wherein they can work for different companies on project basis. A freelance web designer needs not associate with one particular firm but can work independently on his/her own pace and take up as many assignments as desired.

Freelancing is very suitable for all those professionals who prefer to choose their work rather than handling whatever assigned in an office job. It is also an ideal choice for females, especially the married women who cannot handle a full time employment due to the family responsibilities.

Remuneration Scale

The starting salary for web designers in India is between INR 10, 000 to INR 12,000 per month. This is just the range for fresher candidates and the scale keeps rising as the experience expands. With some years of experience, the experts can earn between INR 35,000 to INR 40,000 per month. This is only a basic idea of the remuneration since it largely depends on the expertise of the person.

The earning of freelancers depends on the dimension of work they can handle. The more they work, the better they earn.

All in all, web-designing is a lucrative occupational stream in the contemporary times.

The Web Info Computer Institute is one of the latest academies providing enriching web designing training. The institute offers regular classes as well as weekend schedules at reasonable fees. The WICI course is extensive and includes all the vitals of website creation industry. Moreover, the students of this academy are also provided enough industrial exposure and complete job support.

The website http://www.wici.in/index.html is the ultimate resource for more information about the institute and all its courses.
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